No Jews in Denmark in a 100 years

Copenhagen synagogue is being renovated due to security reasons (Photo: Mette Mikkelsen)

”Every time we send our children to school, there is a chance they will not return home.” Those are the words of Max Meyer, chairman of the Danish Zionist Association.

By Mette Mikkelsen

Denmark has about 8.000 Jews, and most of them live in Copenhagen. Meyer is afraid that the number will be reduced to 0 in a 100 years. If there will be any left, he thinks it will be “hidden Jews,” who keep their religion to themselves.

He says that the insecurity is high in the Jewish community in the Danish capital. After the terrorist attack in front of the Copenhagen synagogue in 2015, armed police have been present at Jewish institutions in the city.

“We have one Jewish butcher, but who wants to go there, when it has to be protected with machine guns?” Meyer asks.

(ADL Global 100)

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