SOER 2015 by EEA succeeded in attracting media focus

A lot of media paid attention to the ‘SOER 2015’ which was reported by EEA and EEA is on their way to get more attention by processing upcoming projects.

By, Hyebin Yoo

Signboard of EEA in Copenhagen (photo: Hyebin Yoo)

A signboard of EEA in Copenhagen (photo: Hyebin Yoo)


EEA reported ‘SOER 2015’ and press briefing about this contents caught eyes of many different media.

 ‘SOER2015’ was launched by EEA on 3th March in Brussels to suggest ideas about European environmental policy implementations from 2015 to 2020. This includes comprehensive analyses of European environment states and environmental trend in the global perspective. According to the EEA’s State and Outlook 2015, the important point of this report is that Europe needs to do more environmental effort to achieve EU’s 2050 vision of living well in the limit of the planet.

 According to EEA, this report resulted in lots of news items and reached on the top online 15 news. Various social media reacted on this material and allowed the increase in the follow up coverage about it.

 EEA is on their track of upcoming projects about annual air quality and climate impacts. Additionally, as EEA follows trend by preparing for the nontechnical guide for electronic vehicles, it is expected to be focused by various kinds of media again.