Metro expansion could improve Copenhagen’s air quality

Runs every five minutes: busses compound Copenhagens poor air quality.

Run every five minutes: busses compound Copenhagens poor air quality. Photo: Christoph Donauer

Diesel powered buses are still a major part of Copenhagens public transportation and worsen the cities bad air quality. Measurements at busy streets have exceeded EU limitations for years.

The soon-to-be built expansion of the metro could help to reduce the air pollution, if it attracts more passengers, says Iben Stanhardt from the European Environmental Agency: “As electric vehicles have zero exhaust emissions, local urban air quality will improve, if people transport themselves in the metro and electric buses instead of vehicles running on fossil fuels.”

Meanwhile, the bus company Movia is careful about the use of electrical buses: “Until now it has been difficult to find electric busses, especially with the necessary range. Maybe this is about to change and we are just about to test two large electric buses.”

Check Copenhagens air quality in real time!

The metro system in Copenhagen will change. Move the slider to discover the new metro lines:

This story is written for an audience in Italy and could be published in the foreign section of . Especially Rome struggles with the metro expansion for years and faces similar problems with air pollution and a lot of diesel powered busses.