Newspaper promotes positive news

By Alison Bertho

The paper was also featured on the front page of Metroxpress (Photo: Alison Bertho)

The paper was also featured on the front page of Metroxpress (Photo: Alison Bertho)

For this year’s issue, the World’s Best News campaign chose to use the newly adopted United Nation’s Global Goals as a frame for the different subjects that they covered.

“We believe that we can meet these goals by 2030,” says Karoline Rahbek, project manager of WBN. “But to do that all people on the planet have to know about them, and that is what we are doing.”

Pia Torpe from the Danish aids foundation handing out the World’s Best News paper at Nørreport station (Photo: Alison Bertho)

Pia Torpe, member of the Danish aids foundation, handing out the newspaper at Nørreport station (Photo: Alison Bertho)

Ambassadors, politicians and NGOs members all gathered on Friday morning to distribute the papers in the streets of Copenhagen. Among them, Pernille Skipper, the new leader of Enhedslisten, was stationed at Norreport station.

Skipper, who has been participating to the event for the past 3 years, stated that development aid is undergoing a lot of cutbacks. She thinks that the government focuses more on short-term emergency help rather than on long-term development.


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