World Food Program fights for the story of progress

The World Food Program stresses on the importance to spread the positive stories of progress rather than just those of devastation. 

By Amy Melki 

Copenhagen's United Nations City

Copenhagen’s United Nations City


Anne Poulsen, the head of the World Food Program’s Nordic Office, gave a pre-scheduled session at the United Nations city in Copenhagen on September the 6th concerning the work of the United Nation’s World Food Program.

Poulsen focused on the World Food Program’s mission to eradicate poverty as well as the media’s responsibility to highlight the stories of progress rather than just stories of constant devastation.

“Ive never met someone who dreams about being fed,” said Poulsen, “People don’t want hand outs they want hands up.”

Poulsen argued that in order to make a difference in a world filled with wars and natural disasters, journalists must portray the message of hope to an audience that has only heard about devastation.

“When we fail to report that,” said Poulsen referring to the work of progress amongst devastation, “we fail the people that we are supposed to serve; the wider community.”

Poulsen emphasized that even though the WFP is very aware that things are far from perfect, their goal remains fixated on the story of bringing progress and hope in areas that have only seen poverty and brokenness.