Copenhagen tourists unaware of fake policemen

Tourists in Copenhagen are unaware of con artists targeting visitors.

By Amy Melki

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark


In Copenhagen, con artists are impersonating policemen in order to rob tourists of their money, however most tourists visiting Copenhagen are unaware of these robberies.

Even though Denmark is known to being one of the safest countries in Europe, it still experiences crimes and robberies specially around touristic areas. Reports to police stations have shown that many tourists are being approached by con artists who claim to be policemen. These robbers usually intimidate tourists and ask for on-the-spot fines.

When asked about the issue of fake policemen, Dimitri, a Bulgarian tourist visiting Copenhagen, was surprised to hear of such incidents happening around Copenhagen.

“I’ve never heard about it, it seems weird,” said Dimitri.

Although such reports have made it to the news, most tourists have not heard about the issue of fake policemen.