Nørrebro pushes for drug consumption rooms

By Sebastian Dall and Charlotte MacKay

The information in this infographic was obtained from an organizational overview of drug consumption rooms in Europe, produced by the European Harm Reduction Network.

In the last four years, since Danish legislation legalized the establishment of drug consumption rooms, Vesterbro has had great success removing drug use from the public sphere. As a result of the quick elimination of public drug use, Nørrebro seeks to follow in Vesterbro’s footsteps.

Statistics show that more people die from an overdose in Nørrebro. The difference between the two locations though is that Nørrebro is not lined with needles.

”It is mostly because people take drugs inside apartments at Nørrebro, which means that people who overdose die in their apartment,” says Britta Lindqvist, head of ‘Kirkens Korshær’ a shelter at Nørrebro.

The social committee of Nørrebro is at this point discussing the possibility of getting a mobile solution to the problem.