Festival to focus on good things in the middle east

By Nadja Jensen

Tal y Tali from Israel playing at the opening event.

Copenhagen World Music Festival opened for its fifth time on the City Hall Square this Wednesday. This year’s theme is music from the middle east, and coordinator, Annette Bellaoui, hopes that the theme will help people see the middle east for more than just war and death.

“I’m sick of only hearing bad thing about the middle east. With this festival we are hoping to bring people together in a friendly atmosphere,” Bellaoui said.

The free festival is hoping for around 25 000 people to come and listen to the world music throughout the week. Bellaoui is hoping that it will also show people, that world music should not be undervalued.

“There’s quite a misconception about world music. People think they are just people randomly hitting a bongo. But they are actually some very talented and accomplished musicians.”