Conversation salon to improve discussions between youth and politicians  

By Emma Tram 

Watch Zaina and Oscar talk about the conversation salon.

At the Democratic Youth Festival in Copenhagen you can find the Conversation forest (”Samtaleskoven”) which is to rows of tables and benches, placed in the shade of a group of trees. Here, a row of politicians are seated and across from them is curious young high school students, eager to debate and discuss.

The conversation salon is a workshop that works a bit like speeddating – the students and politicians sit facing each other one-on-one, and questions are called out for them to discuss. These questions are placed in four categories; the future, community, freedom, and equality.

Many students have waited in line to talk to the politicians from both national, regional and local parliament and councils. The event is created so it allows people to show up and jump in and out of conversations, which many have done.