UN World Health Program combats number one killer: Hunger

By Alana Repstock

“There are 795 million people with inadequate access to food—that’s 1/9 people” said Anne Poulsen, Communications Officer of Denmark’s UN World Food Programme. “Today we don’t have the excuse of ignorance”

Poulsen spoke to a group of 23 journalism students Tuesday, September 6.

“We aim to mobilize support to end hunger and ensure food to all,” said Poulsen. 

In the past few years, the organization has changed its methods of achieving this goal.  “We used to take the surplus from the western countries and ship it to countries in need,” said Poulsen.  Now the group gives individuals money to buy their own food with.  “We are collaborating with MasterCard. We give each family a pre-paid card that reflects their needs” said Poulsen. 

“It gives a greater sense of dignity to people,” said Poulsen. 

The group has also started a new program that deals specifically with the needs of mothers and their babies. “Infants who do not receive proper nutrition within their first two years of life will be developmentally crippled for the rest of their lives, they will be at a sever disadvantage” said Poulsen.






Watch the video below to see UN sponsor child, Molly.

Visit their YouTube page to see morehttps://www.youtube.com/user/WORLDFOODPROGRAM

Visit the UN World Food Program at their websitehttp://www.wfp.org/