China learns from Danish experience on efficient energy production

by Martin Choi and Marina Starodubtseva

Representatives from China visit Denmark to learn how to optimize the production of efficient energy in China.

China’s National Energy Administration, along with representatives from the country’s 16 thermal power plants, visited Denmark last week to learn how to optimize the utilisation of their production of wind energy back home.

The Danish Energy Agency shared and exchanged knowledge with Chinese authorities about their CHP (combined heat and power) plants, which are among the most flexible in the world.

Denmark’s total annual electricity consumption was equivalent to a fifth of China’s energy via wind production in the first half of 2016 which was not utilized.

Denmark and China have cooperated in joint efforts to accelerate green development in both countries. A bilateral intergovernmental cooperation was signed, with the focal point being the China National Renewable Centre (CNREC), in which experts from both countries tackle China’s renewable energy problem.