Denmark: an example for green energy transition

Denmark has set a showcase that it is possible to use less energy to achieve more, according to Kristoffer Böttzauw, the deputy director general of Danish Energy Agency (DEA).

By Jiaxin He (Ellen)

The demand for energy has surged within the recent 40 years. Stroke by the rising oil price in the 1970s, Denmark tried to replace oil with coal to gain independency from Middle East crude oil. In recent years, the country has been focusing on getting rid of fossil fuels。

DEA has started the Energy Partnership Programme to use their experience to help other countries in all necessary aspects to develop green energy and “do more with less”.

Jesper Packert Pedersen, an advisor at Centre for Global Cooperation, DEA, says that countries like China “are listening” although China’s vastness of territory is an obstacle for green energy transition.



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