First Coffee Chain in Denmark is Closing


What most people refer to as the ‘Starbucks of Denmark’ is about to get itself a brand new name. Baresso Café, the largest coffee chain in Denmark, with 48 coffee shops, has recently been sold to the Swedish Chain Espresso House.

All the branches of Baresso will change to Espresso house outlets in the next two years. The locations and staff will remain the same, so the company won’t lose former Baresso costumers. Espresso house will also open over 30 new coffee bars all over Denmark.

Denmark is the 7th most coffee consuming country in the world, according to 2013 Euromonitor’s statistics. The high demand for coffee paves the way for foreign investors in coffee houses. Coffee is not just a business, it’s a big part of Danish culture.

“It’s expected at dinners, part of most morning routines and supposed to be free at work”, says Martin Andreas Petersen, a coffee loving Dane.

And though Danish people like the known and familiar, nobody seemed really bothered by the upcoming change.