Copenhagen fights seagulls with Falcons

Knirke (Creaky) is 8 years old, and not afraid of a few seagulls. Photo: Simone Nilsson


The rule of seagulls in the harbour city has been challenged by guardian falcons. Residents are thankful.

By Simone Nilsson

Near apartment blocks in the western part of Copenhagen Flemming Salomon releases his falcon Knirke. Her presence scares the large gang of seagulls away, even though most of them are twice her size.

“It’s their instinct,” Flemming says. “They know she can kill them.”

The birds above scream at the sight of Knirke, and the noise attracts residents.

“They’re so darn loud-mouthed,” resident Villy Sørensens says about the seagulls, and explains how they wake him up at the break of dawn.

“There’s so many of them. We’ve started calling them the flying rats,” he says.

Flemming and his birds challenge seagulls in different neighbourhoods every day