Abortion counseling reopens in Denmark

Danish women can again receive counseling when considering abortion. Photo: Simone Nilsson

While the world is busy reacting to the US cutting donations to NGO’s dealing with reproductive health and abortion, the Danish clinic Mothers Help reopens it’s abortion counseling.

By Simone Nilsson

After having been cut for six months due to low funding, the abortion counseling service of the clinic Mothers Help has now reopened.

Lillian Bondo, President of the Midwife Union, is thrilled to see the clinic reopen;

“It’s wonderful news. We have stressed before that we thought it was a mistake closing it. It’s important to offer counselling not influenced by religion, and Mothers Help have proved themselves capable of dealing with it in a great way,” she says.

Mothers Help aids people in dealing with thoughts about abortion and any emotional aftermath from it.