Copenhagen gives away more trees

More citizens can now receive trees like the one next to Villy Sørensen. Photo: Simone Nilsson


The city has granted an extra 2 million kroner for the ‘partnership trees’ project. 800 more trees can now be given to citizens who will take care of them.

By Simone Nilsson

A project for a greener Copenhagen was launched last year, and any citizen willing to take care of a tree could be given one. The project was called ‘partnership trees’, and became so popular, that the city now has expanded it with roughly $288.000.

Citizens can apply for any kind of tree. The only requirement is that the tree be planted on publicly accessible ground, and that the citizen will take care of it.

Villy Sørensen lives in an area with a lot of partnership trees. He hopes the diversity in the trees will make citizens venture among them, and make use of them:

“Like using the grass and the shade from the trees, and eating their fruits,” he says.

So far 513 trees have been planted.