Feminist Twerkshops in Denmark

By Noura Kalo

Copenhagen, Denmark – Louise Kjølsen, self proclaimed “Twerk Queen” of Denmark, is holding a series of feminist “Twerkshops” around the country.

The most recent twerkshop was held in the Odense Female Festival which happened between the 24th and the 26th of February.

The twerkshops are dance workshops that focus on learning how to twerk, and how twerking can lead to empowerment. Kjølsen believes that twerking can do this by helping women embrace their sexuality while refusing the title of “sexual object”.

The next “twerkshop” will be happening in Aarhus on the 13th of April.

In these workshops, Kjølsen teaches her students a twerking routine to a song of her choice. She is a professional dancer, as well as someone who holds a master’s degree in psychology.