Wonderful Copenhagen Unveils New Strategy for 2020

By Noura Kalo

Copenhagen, Denmark – Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism company for the greater Copenhagen area, has recently launched their new strategy for 2020.

The strategy has been called “The End of Tourism As We Know It”, where they aim to change the way tourists are viewed.

In a statement, the CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, Mikkel Aarø-Hansen said ” We welcome the arrival of today’s traveler: the temporary local seeking not the perfect still picture to take home, but the emotional connection to an instantly shared experience based on interests, relations and authenticity.”

The company will change the way they approach tourists in terms of noticing how the culture of travel has changed, and adjusting to it. They aim to make sure that, during their stay, their customers see the city in the eyes of a local, and that they lure these customers in through their updated advertising platforms.