Wondeful Copenhagen launches new strategy, announces „the end of tourism as we know it“

Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organisation of Copenhagen, has launched a new strategy plan that should navigate its activities through 2020 and further. The new strategy’s title boldly proclaims „the end of tourism as we know it“, and shapes its main goals around the idea of „localhood for everyone“.

„With the launch of our 2020 strategy, we set our course towards a future beyond tourism with something much more interesting and personal: a future of hosts and guests and the shared experience of localhood. In a time of change and transition, this strategy sets out an ambitious course, not a definitive solution,“ says the CEO of Wondeful Copenhagen Mikkel Aarø-Hansen.

The company plans to use social media as the primary means of communication, focusing on shareability and the insights provided by data analysis, such as geotagging data of travelers at different locations. The full strategy can be downloaded here.

Nicolai Cohrt Mejlvang, a project manager at Wonderful Copenhagen, presents the company and its new strategy.