Brexit might impact the waste management industry in Denmark

The new waste burning facility in Amager, Copenhagen, will supposedly be ready by October. The facility has been troubled by a series of problems and scandals. Last week the board chairman resigned due to disagreements in the board.


By Eskild Heinemeier

A prestige waste management facility under construction in Copnhagen has been troubled by a series of problems. Among them an unrealistic business plan, that had to be modified. Part of that modification included a political agreement to allow import of waste from other countries.

Waste import is already big business in Denmark. As Denmark has good facilities for burning waste, other countries will pay Danish waste management companies to take care of their waste. Britain is a particularly large costumer.

But with Brexit, this lucrative trade might be at stake:

”We don’t know what the repercussions of Brexit will mean for us, as with everything else regarding Brexit, but we certainly keep a keen eye on it,” says press spokesman Sune Scheibye of ARC, the company running the facility.


This article could be interesting for an English audience, since the impact of Brexit can be seen in other European countries. Could be for a media covering energy politics.