LGBT Denmark protests dotgay domain block

Words by Shivé Prema 

The Danish National Association for LGBT people is accusing a central internet organisation of discrimination.

Currently hosting its 58th annual meeting in Copenhagen, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) blocked the creation of top-level domain (TLD) ‘.gay’ because it failed to meet community criteria.

A dotgay TDC seems unlikely for now… (Photo: Shivé Prema)


LGBT Denmark Chairman Søren Laursen spoke to the ICANN board at the conference, saying “the evaluation process of the .gay application has been lengthy because it has been unfair.”

“As part of the global non-cishetero and allied community, LGBT Denmark cannot but see the rejection by ICANN of the community application of dotgay LLC as a discriminatory action,” said Laursen in a letter to the board.

Chairman of the ICANN Board Governance Committee Chris Disspain says the board understands that the outcome is disappointing for supporters.

“I want to make clear that the denial of the Request for Reconsideration is not a statement about the validity of dotgay LLC’s application or dotgay LLC’s supporters,” said Disspain.