Copenhagen based newspaper hosts FGM-debate

Last Wednesday Politiken invited to a debate about Female Genital Mutilation and  women’s rights campaigner Jaha Dukureh’s struggle to fight this in the United States and Gambia.

Jaha Dukureh advocates for support to grassroot organisations. Foto: Trine Nielsen.


By Trine Nielsen

Grassroot campaigner and women’s right fighter Jaha Dukureh and UN delegates were invited to the Danish media house Politiken to discuss the issue of FGM and Jaha’s struggle to ban it in Gambia.

During the debate the UN-agencies had to endure criticism on their fight against FGM from the grassroot campaigner:

“Organisations like UNICEF and UN-agencies are the most useless entities that has ever been created to solve the problems of human beings. They go to meetings, sit around and spend money in New York and Geneva and aren’t related to what’s happening on the ground,” states Jaha Dukureh.