CPH:DOX invites the whole World

It was a perplexed Jaha Dukureh who received a standing ovation at the official screening of the documentary ‘Jaha’s Promise’ at the world’s largest documentary festival in Copenhagen.

The Grand Theatre in Copenhagen was packed at the screening of ‘Jaha’s Promise’.


By Trine Nielsen

The second day of CPH:DOX turned political with the film ‘Jaha’s Promise’ about women’s rights campaigner Jaha Dukureh and her fight to ban Female Genital Mutilation in Gambia.

Following the screening, Jaha entered the stage along with director Patrick Farelly to receive credit and address the audience on the issue of FGM in African countries, while her seven-year old daughter Khadijah Dukureh was being looked after by The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who also attended the premiere.

Jaha’s campaign have raised awareness of FGM in America and a ban in Gambia.