“Twerk Queen” Louise Kjølsen defends her feminist views

By Kyle Veidt

Copenhagen, Denmark – The Internet can be a nasty place for some people. “Twerk Queen” Louise Kjølsen is not a stranger to the Internet’s backlash. Kjølsen is a dancer and a feminist personality based in Copenhagen. Alongside two of her friends, Kjølsen has created “Girl Squad,” a fourth wave feminist group that has embraced the digital age.

Being the de facto spokesperson for “Girl Squad,” Kjølsen has had to defend her newer views of feminism in both traditional and newer media.

“A lot of the media time I have gotten has been wasted on debating whether or not I’m a feminist,” Kjølsen said. “I also think that we have wasted so much time and opportunity arguing amongst ourselves.”

One way that “Girl Squad” stands apart from their contemporaries by promoting feminism through Kjølsen’s twerk workshops.