” Take a step to eliminate human rights abuse”

On March 16, 2017, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) in Copenhagen held an event entitled Human Rights in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring. This event, featured speeches by Danish experts in Bahraini war, screening the documentary ‘We Are the Giant’, and presenting a prominent human rights activist.

Zaynab Alkhawaja, leading pro-active human rights activist voicing her anti-governmental beliefs, faced – with her infant – jail time for that. She explained to the crowd that Western governments “giving Al Khalifas the green light, weapons and support only makes them more violent and less rational.”

Alkhawaja stressed repeatedly that, at this point, only international pressures and heightened media exposure can make a difference. “My one-year-old son and I were only released from jail because our story got very loud attention from the media,” claimed Alkhawaja. “This is what I am asking each one of you to help me do now: expose the imprisoned to get them out of jail and back to their homes.”