Bahrain’s struggle for civil rights and proper coverage

By Savannah Assi

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights had an event in Copenhagen on March 16 that discussed the current state of human rights in a post-Arab Spring setting. The event showed a screening of the documentary about peaceful protesters, called We Are The Giant, and featured a speaker from Bahrain named Zainab Alkhawaja.

“This is an unfair fight when you have Western governments supporting the Al Khalifas that have ruled for all these years and giving them weapons,” said Alkhawaja “When there were all those protests, I was there and we would see the weapons on the ground and they would say, ‘Made in USA.’”

Alkhawaja went on to explain how the the UK would write reports about how the human rights situation in Bahrain is getting better. “They said this but we had just talked to people that were getting tortured,” she claimed.