Northern Europe Invests in Women and Girls around the Globe

By Ann Marion

According to representatives at the United Nations Population Fund, Nordic countries invest the most in family planning and reproductive rights in the developing world.

Sweden has some of the highest-rated gender equality in the world, according to World Economic Forum.

The Netherlands, home to leading sexual health NGO Rutgers, continues to prioritize reproductive safety and women’s rights beyond the borders of its country.

Dutch Minister Plouman’s advocacy for donations for global family planning programs led to the institution of She Decides, a non-profit organization that raises money for programs that would lose funding under the Mexico City Policy. The Mexico City Policy states that the United States will not fund global health programs that provide abortions.
Ministers from the northern European countries Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium, organized an EU conference for the She Decides initiative in Brussels on March 2.


The United Nations Population Fund works with locals in the developing world to meet the needs of women and girls.