New bill allows for creative solutions to Copenhagen’s student housing shortage

CPH Village will be moving forward with plans to make 250 student homes once bill L121 is amended. (Photo: CPH Containers)


By Dan Chambers and Shivé Prema

A “modernisation of the Planning Act” will allow for sustainable student housing options in the near future.

Speaking on behalf of the Parliamentary Transport, Construction and Housing Committee, Political assistant for MP Britt Bager Line Vang Hansen said that students are currently faced with a challenge when searching for available affordable housing in Copenhagen.

“A way to ease the problem is by changing the Planning Act so that new mobile student housing can be allowed – a solution that has been proposed by the former Venstre government and a solution that is supported by the current government,” Hansen said.

In Denmark, with 64,000 new admissions to higher education annually, 24.000 students are without residences according to the Danish Construction and Housing Ministry.

A typical student dorm room in Copenhagen can cost anywhere between 2000kr and 5000kr depending on the Kollegium and room.

Breathing more life into unused areas like Refshaleøen (Photo: CPH Containers)

Project CPH Village plans to make 250 container homes for students in Refshaleøen, a former industrial site in the harbor of Copenhagen.

Co-Founder of CPH Village Frederik Noltenius Busck says that student housing market in Copenhagen is getting worse every year, despite the efforts of the municipality.

“We have set out to change this dynamic by taking new areas of the city into temporary use, and creating quality student housing, which can be moved, when the land is needed for more old fashioned city development,” said Busck.

Though the launch of CPH Village is dependent on Bill L 121 in Danish Parliament, Copenhagen politicians such as Hansen are optimistic that the bill will pass this May.

“The company CPH Containers has made it possible to rebuild old containers into modern mobile student housing which opens up for a new way to solve some of the urgent housing problems,” Hansen said.

“It is necessary to change the Planning Act in order for the project to come true. The bill is expected to be finally approved on May 4 this year. With the new container student housing, it will be possible to establish new student villages at empty areas in Copenhagen, and therefore I strongly support the CPH Village project.”

CPH Village’s estimated prices are 3,850kr for a 20 metre squared apartment or 5,850kr for a 40 metre squared apartment.

According to Busck, there are plans to expand to other cities with a lack of student housing in Denmark and neighboring countries, including Aarhus, in 2018.

An Urban Rigger container house prototype floats in Copenhagen Harbor (photo by Dan Chambers).

Urban Rigger is an initiative looking to the waters of Copenhagen harbour instead of the land.

The Urban Rigger is a floating platform supporting several stacked containers equipped with solar panels, hydro source heating and low energy pumps.

Currently the demo rigger can be viewed at Havnegade but there are plans to expand to a whole fleet, according to Urban Rigger.