Businesses at Nørrebro work together to fight cultural differences

Bars, shops and organisations at the Copenhagen district Nørrebro are working together to fight crime and unite different cultural differences.

By Thomas Schønning

Several businesses work together in the Copenhagen district Nørrebro in order to create bridges between the different cultures at Nørrebro. The movement is called ‘Fælles for Nørrebro’ and means Nørrebro for Unity in English.

The Copenhagen district is known for its street crimes and got into a media storm last summer when young boys vandalised bars, claiming they were under Sharia influence, an Islamic canonical law.

Bartender at one of the bars named Nørre Bodega, Kristine Madsen, thinks that this is a good way to cope with the problems:

“The police is here as well, just to show that they are here, but it is the unity between the businesses that are the real help” Says Kristine.