Denmark’s development in green energy will stagnate from 2020

The development in green energy in Denmark will fade out from 2020 and forth, says a new report. The Danish Minister of Climate is aware of the problem

By Thomas Schønning

 In 3 years, the development in green energy in Denmark will stagnate until 2030, says a new report from the Danish Energy Agency. The report came out this month and predicts the developments in Danish energy consumption and production until 2030.

This is predicted while the Danish Government has set a goal saying 50 pct. of the country’s energy consumption should be provided by green energy sources in 2030.

The stagnation is due to an absence of political agreements in the climate sector from 2020, but the Danish Minister of Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholdt (V), is aware of the problem, and says that new agreements are on the drawing board.