Nordic funding exemplary, says WFP

by: Ingvild Wathne Johnsen

Director of WFPs Nordic office, Anne Poulsen. Photo: Ingvild Wathne Johnsen

The five countries equate to the World Food Programme’s fifth largest donor.

– I think the Nordic countries are punching above their weight, says director for the Nordic office of the World Food Programme (WFP), Anne Poulsen.

The humanitarian agency, that is a part of the UN system, is the largest one in the world fighting hunger. Every year it reaches around 80 million people thanks to voluntary funding from governments.

– The Nordic countries are exemplary. Their flexible funding we can allocate where we find it most needed, says Poulsen.

With the funding not being earmarked, she claims the WFP can work faster and more efficiently. Despite the challenges WFP is facing in places such as Yemen, Syria and South Sudan at the moment, Poulsen is optimistic about the future.

– We hope more countries can follow the Nordic countries’ example.