Why the University of Copenhagen?

by: Yuliya Morozova

Student at the University of Copenhagen, Maya Elise Filskov. Photo: Ingvild Wathne Johnsen

According to recent ranking Copenhagen University became the highest Nordic of world’s top Universities.

“We have always been very strong in the area of basic research that combined with Scandinavian tradition of students interacting with teachers. They are expected not only to sit and listen, but be a part of the studying process”, – comments Jasper Steen Winkel, Director of Communication of the University of Copenhagen.

At the same time, students prefer the University in order to get more practice in their fields of studies.

“It seems like we have much more practical approach than in my university at home in Warsaw, where we get more theory. Moreover, I guess, the Copenhagen University is very interdisciplinary”, – says Karolina Brzezinska, History of Art exchange student.

Maya Elise Filskov, Ethnology and Humanities student from Copenhagen, finds study in the University of Copenhagen independent.

“We do everything from A to B, then to C only by ourselves”.