WWF: Denmark should follow the example of Germany in preventing animal smuggling

Copenhagen – Denmark’s World Wildlife Foundation demands higher precautions with the increase of animal smuggling into Danish society.

By Lea Kestel and Lydia Koon

According to the European Commission, Europe is currently a destination market and a hub for trafficking in transit to other regions. Regarding this, many European countries like Germany intensified their methods and sanctions against animal smuggling.

Denmark however, is according to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in danger of becoming an oasis for animal trafficking because of the limited precautionary measures. Smugglers in Denmark get maximum one year in prison, compared to five in Germany.

Besides increasing sanctions for Smugglers, WWF also demands higher controls on airports. Most of all with specially trained tracker dogs, which yearly detect around 70.000 trafficking items on German airports.



This article is written for an audience in Germany and could be published on www.focus.de.