Danish school is a pioneer in using solar energy

by Sabrina Leretz, Simone West

Copenhagen – In January, the Copenhagen International School has installed the largest solar facade in the world. The school’s exterior is covered by 12,000 solar panels. The panels are said to provide over half of the school’s annual electricity needs. According to Thomas Nielsen, the school’s Director of Communications and Advancement, it needs some years to see if this is a realistic estimate since this summer hasn’t been very sunny.

“We want to teach the students to be aware of the consumption of energy,” said Nielsen. For this reason, the school faces some more sustainable projects like the rainwater harvesting or low-energy windows. The next step will be the organic production of food in greenhouses on the roof. The vegetables will be used in the school’s kitchen so that the students can cook with their own vegetables.

The school’s exterior is covered by 12,000 solar panels. Photo: Leretz

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