Denmark Radio must face a cut

by Sabrina Leretz, Simone West

Copenhagen – The Danish People’s Party has proposed to reduce DR by 25 per cent in the coming years. In an interview with the newspaper Berlinske, chairman Kristian Thulesen Dahl has said that this is due to the “increasingly domination” of DR in the media landscape.

Denmark Radio is one of the biggest player in the Danish media landscape. Photo: Leretz


Lasse Jensen, Head of Communications of DR, said: “What is important for politicians to remember is that there should be a bridge between the wishes they have on the content side and the wishes they have on the budget side. If we save a lot of money, we will not be able to do the same quality.”

In the past, several scandals have thrown a bad light on DR. One criticism is that DR is not sufficiently neutral. However, Jensen said that all analysis clearly proved that DR was by far the most trustworthy media player: “It’s part of being a big player in the Danish media market, that people will always discuss our content.”

Critics claim that Denmark Radio has wasted too much money in the past years. Photo: Leretz


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