Danes deluded about development

By Hannah Cross and Kristoffer Olesen

Danish people have misconceptions of world issues, statistics show.

85% of Danes believe the number of people living in extreme poverty has grown or remains unchanged.

However, World’s Best News says this number has halved since 1990.

Likewise, only 1% of Danes know that nine in ten developing world children now attend school.

Anne Poulsen, Director for UN World Food Programme’s Nordic Office, believes these misconceptions stem from miscommunication from media and organisations.

“Media bear a heavy responsibility,” she says, “We [also] carry some responsibility to communicate clearly and proactively.”

Despite Danes believing development efforts have made little progress, they remain steadfast contributors. Last year, the Nordic countries were the World Food Programme’s 5th largest donor.

“[They are] proponents for good humanitarian donorship,” says Poulsen.