Rocket launch postponed again

By Hannah Cross and Kristoffer Olesen

The Nexø II rocket. Photo: Copenhagen Suborbitals


Copenhagen Suborbitals have once again postponed the launch of the Nexø II rocket. The launch was supposed to take place on Friday the 8th of September, but has been delayed for at least two weeks due to problems with the rockets software and unfavorable weather conditions at the launch site off the east coast of Bornholm.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit group of amateur rocket scientists whose ultimate goal is to launch a manned rocket into space and bring it back safely. The aim of the Nexø II launch is to test key roadmap technologies that will be used in the future manned mission to space.

Rune Henssel, part of the production team for Copenhagen Suborbitals, is still optimistic about the Nexø II Mission:

“We’re still counting on launching Nexø II sometime this year, afterwards we’ll start designing the engine for a much larger rocket,” he says.

The location of the Nexø II launch site. Photo: Copenhagen Suborbitals