The Law Criminalizes Prostitutes

By Nukaaka Tobiassen

The streets of Vesterbro in Copenhagen are mostly known for prostitution. A local Sanna-Hussain, 22, grew up in one of the streets called Istedgade. From where she’s been noticing more immigrants on the streets doing prostitution, whereas she continued to say now there are mostly families with children seen today.

“I have to have a room when I am sex working If I did not want to go to the streets, so I just go to the illegal market,” said a former prostitute of 12 years and nurse Vina Hegomann explaining further that working in a brothel is illegal in Denmark. Which makes a significant number of prostitutes criminalize their work.

If the client is being violent or abusive, the prostitute cannot press charges in court. The main point in changing the law is to decriminalize prostitution, said Vina Hegomann.