Is DR doing enough to combat stereotypes?

By: Chloe LeValley

By: Chloe LeValley and Henry Wong

Western media has a tendency to categorize all African countries as impoverished, said Niels Kvale, a DR foreign news journalist.He expressed this view in a meeting with a group of journalism students. This took place at the headquarters of DR’s foreign desk in Copenhagen.

A student asked what DR is doing to get rid of stereotypes in foreign news. Niels explained that though it is preferred, it is too costly to go the Africa for every breaking story. Thus, DR uses intel and trusted sources to obtain a more accurate view of what is going on.

Susanne Sayers the professor of the students, also gave insight into her reporting experience in Africa. She gives an example of her own personal stereotyping. In Africa the servers were white and customers were black, in her view the roles were reversed. You just don’t realize you have stereotypes until they are broken, she added.

Kavle marked the end of the meeting by highlighting the importance of professional and objective reporting in the era of opinionated media.

For Americans could be published in The Wall Street Journal