Danmarks Radio tackles mistrust

by Lucy Arup and Peter Buchholtz

As the media and press from countries such as the UK, Germany and the United States attract more and more public distrust these days, Denmark has managed not to provoke the same volume of criticism in regards to the trustworthiness of their media output. According to a new study published by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Denmark is ranked Top-5 Europe-wide in both, trust in radio and TV. However, they are facing “some of the same dilemmas about trust”, says Niels Kvale, editor at the foreign desk of Danmarks Radio.

“There is a lot of opinionated media with a clear political agenda that is only has a life online but is putting a lot of pressure and a lot of scrutiny to normal established media or what would be portrayed in these media as mainstream media at least by some people”, he continues.

The foreign desk at Danmarks Radio.

To solve these mistrusts, Kvale says, journalists should “keep on doing what we hopefully do: quality journalism.” Work should be done professionally, with a critical instinct and based on the facts. “Basically old-school journalism in all kind of different new formats”, Kvale adds.

Notwithstanding, he thinks some people will always mistrust the media but the important thing is that journalists keep a high level of trustworthiness with the general public. “So we face a lot of challenges in this issue but I actually believe that being a professional journalist reporting the facts is the best way out of it.”

Photo credits: Nukaaka Tobiassen