Moving closer to a green Denmark as citizens petition to legalize cannabis


Hemp Party poster of Klaus Trier Tuxen. Translates to “Vote for Free Cannabis – Vote for the Hemp Party”.
Photo by Dina J. Salem

By Dina J. Salem 

The Association for the Legalisation of Cannabis, in collaboration with the Hemp Party and the Christiania Cultural Association released a petition calling for the legalization of Cannabis in Denmark, last Monday.

“We were starting to be aware that you could use cannabis as medicine, and people were writing about the good effects of cannabis for cancer patients. We started reading a lot about it and decided to make it our mission to make it accessible for everyone,” says Anette Ahle Røjkjær, founder of the Green Revolution, an activist group that is also involved in the petition.

The groups must gather 50,000 signatures by August 18 for their proposal to be considered by the parliament, with the hopes of garnering more support during the Global Marijuana March in May.

This article is written for a young audience in Lebanon, as there is growing support to legalize cannabis. Lebanon is also one of the largest exporters of cannabis, and there is a misconception about its legality around Europe.