Homeless organisations seek volunteers

More than 300 posters have been put up in Copenhagen to raise awareness about volunteering at homeless organisations. Photo: Rebekah Alvey

By Kasper Bøgsted Kristensen


The homeless organisations in Copenhagen are in need of more volunteers, and therefore has the social service in Copenhagen launched a campaign together with ten organisations. The campaign will run until the end of February, and this week they are visible with more than 300 posters in the city landscape.


“The reason why we do this campaign is to support the organisations. A council can’t be a friend, but a volunteer can. We want to open the doors to the community for the homeless,” says Marianne Lemvig, communication advisor at Copenhagen Council.



Even though the homeless population in Copenhagen is decreasing, it’s still the highest in Denmark. With the campaign, the social service hopes to recruit more than 25 volunteers for the homeless organisations and make them more visible.


Besides having posters in Copenhagen, they’ll also make us of social media to reach out to potential volunteers.


The story is written for an international audience based in Copenhagen.