Art for art’s sake: Christiania Museum goes beyond conventional galleries

By Dina J. Salem

Camouflaged between colorful graffiti and metal sculptures, the Christiania Museum lies in one of the corners of the famous anarchist district. With dozens of artworks, the museum exhibits works of members of the local artists’ society.

“We want people that are connected to Christiania to exhibit here, not just necessarily those who live here. Also the idea of this gallery is not for defined art, its for people who make art for the sake of art,” says Sira Hentze, a member of the artists’ society who works at the museum.

Nestled on the top floor of the “Flea” building, Hentze says that the museum did in fact start out as a flea market for the Christiania community, despite it not having an official opening year.

Artworks range from sculptures, collages, maps and paintings, which are all up for sale. Currently, “The Uncensored” exhibition is on display, with the aim of promoting uncensored and limitless art.

Pictures by Dina J. Salem

This article is written for an audience in Beirut, Lebanon, where there is an established art scene.