Copenhagen, the rising Working Holiday place for young Korean

By Soyeon Kim

Copenhagen has recently received attention from Korean job seekers. Since the Korea-Denmark Working Holiday Agreement in 2010, more than 400 young Koreans have moved to Denmark.

Denmark has been chosen as the most balanced country between work and life in the EU countries and is known as the happiest country in the world. For those reason, Denmark, especially Copenhagen, has recently received attention from a variety of media in Korea.

Yi Seul Yoo, who studies European Cusine and works in an Asian restaurant in Copenhagen, came to Denmark for working holiday last year. Copenhagen is the best city for Yoo for good security and close to other European Country.

“The job search process may be a little more complicated than Korea, but you can freely use your vacation and have more free time.” Yoo says. Yoo learned how to take care of herself and truly enjoy her life in Copenhagen.

This article is written for an audience in Korea.