A testament to Prince Henrik of Denmark


Photo: Sofie Højlund
The line to see HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark’s coffin was over 300 meters long.


By Sofie Højlund

Prince Henrik of Denmark who died on February  13th where moved to Christiansborg Palace Church from his home at Amalienborg where he was in Castrum Doloris ahead of his funeral on February 20th. Castrum Doloris is when the closed coffin is displayed for viewing and it was available to the public during the weekend until Monday evening.

A total of 19.356 people from all over the country came to see the Prince’s coffin to pay their final respect. The people themselves felt it was important to be able to attend the castrum doloris and be part of the historic event.

“It means a lot to be here. I’ve heard from people who’s been in there and they all tell about the intimate experience it has been,” says Anette Hasfeldt, who were standing in the 300 meter long line. Another one of the many people who defied the cold and stood in line for hours were Jeanette Sørensen, who felt like the death of Prince Henrik was like the end of an era.

“He’s been a part of my childhood and youth, so it feels like a part of history disappearing now,” she says as a testament to what the prince meant for her and so many other Danes.