AMS vs. CPH: the battle between world’s best biking cities

Written by Inge van Breda

Having the name of best bicycle city in the world seems to be a big deal for both Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Although Copenhagen has defeated Amsterdam for a couple of years in a row now, Amsterdam surely wants to regain that desired title.

When exploring Copenhagen, you will find bikers coming at you from all directions. There seem to be more bicycle roads than roads to walk or drive a car on. On almost every corner of the street you will find a bike shop.

But why is Copenhagen a better biking city than Amsterdam? According to research by Dutch newspaper NRC, people in Amsterdam cycle more: 900 kilometers per person in a year, against 547 kilometers in Copenhagen. But the aspect which makes Copenhagen win, seems to be the safety. In The Netherlands, there are around 200 deadly victims a year and only 33 in Denmark.

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