‘All wine should be natural wine’

Natural wine is wine made without additions. It is not only good for the environment but it tastes a lot different from classic wine. Because there are no sulphites and other tastemakers in it.

By Birk Heijkants


Johan Dal, leader of Slow Food Copenhagen, an organization which tries to change the way people produce and consume food, has a strong opinion about the way wine should be made and drank: ‘Wine is a luxury product,’ he says, ‘it should be, but not all wine which is produced now is luxury.’ Johan refers to the cheap supermarket wines: ‘These wines are produced at large scale and the price is not fair. All wine should be natural wine.’


Copenhagen is one of the leading cities if it comes to natural wine. In almost every restaurant the wine list contains a few natural wines. In this infographic you see the numbers of places where you could get natural wine in every European capital:

Source: Raisin
This story is written for Dutch audience could be published in Trouw