‘I would never dive in a dumpster in the Netherlands’

By Birk Heijkants

A few times a week, the Dutch Jette Dingemans, studying in Copenhagen, goes to the closest supermarket after closing time. Not to shop, but to ‘dive’ in their garbage bin. Food waste is a big thing. One third of food worldwide is lost or wasted. Not if it is up to Jette and her house mates: ‘It is so weird that such good food is thrown away, because it is a little damaged or does not look good enough anymore.’

‘At first it feels really weird and a little bit dirty’, Jette tells, ‘but most of the food that it thrown away is wrapped up in plastic. After a while it feels normal, and if we’re doing some good for the environment and besides it is free so that is nice as well. And nobody in my home got sick yet,’ she says laughing.

If you’re moving back to the Netherlands would you eat from the garbage there as well? ‘No, never. Mostly because it is illegal in the Netherlands. But also because of a social aspect. In contrast to Danish people, I feel like most of the Dutch think it is a really weird thing to do.’

This story is written for Dutch audience could be published at the Dutch version of Vice.com