Recycling station to the core: Copenhagen says ‘yes’ to reuse concrete

Photo © Københavns Kommune

For the first time in recent times, there is an old concrete to be exploited. After decomposition of the HOFOR´s old chimney, it will be reused for veneering a new recycling station in Copenhagen. The demolition is about to start this week, the recycling centre is expected to be finished by the beginning of 2019.

by Eliška Mainclová

“If the chimney is already taken down, we thought it would be nice to use the concrete again. The project idea was optimal. It will cost us some extra money now, but the next time we will save money,” Merete Kristoffersen, the head of recycling-division of Copenhagen city, describes. 

The project will cost nearly 69 million. ARC (Amager Resource Centre), which will be responsible for running a station, covers half of the costs while the municipality pays for the lend where to concrete will be stored in the meantime.

Together with 5.000 tonnes of reused concrete, there will be 3.800 tonnes of a new one added. In the past, in 1909 the hallways in Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, were built of recycled concrete. One can find a house of reused concrete in Odense and in Korsgade, Copenhagen, both built in the 1990s.

The concrete from Hofor´s chimney in Amagerværket will be stored in Sydhavn until it forms a noise-proof round wall of the station in Sydhavnen.