Denmark beats a world record in wind power production

by Eliška Mainclová

Last year, more than 50 percent of power production in Denmark came from renewables sources. 43,6 percent of Danish total power production was made in wind power stations, which puts Denmark on the top of the world. The numbers come up at the same time with the establishing Czech government declares to build new nuclear reactors.  

“Electricity production will be ensured by a mix based on a growth of nuclear power production and use of renewable resources along with continuous decline production in coal power stations. We need to start building new blocks for nuclear power plants,” the declaration of the government that has not sought the confidence vote after last year´s election yet. The Andrej Babis´ cabinet remarks the goal together with increasing efficient infrastructure as the government´s main priorities.  

Denmark was once at the forefront of nuclear research but in 1985 the Danish parliament passed a resolution banning from building nuclear power plants.

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